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Business codex

The present Business Codex (hereinafter referred to as the Codex) contains the descriptions of standards of conduct, which will allow to realize the primary goals and principles of the NTL activity. The basic principles of NTL’s corporate management are outlined in the Codex. These basic principles are to be mandatorily performed by all of the company’s employees.

The present Codex has been developed for the purpose of a clear and understandable expression of the company’s strategic goals as well as the requirements presented by it, which are designed to serve as the foundation for the judgments of professional activity.

NTL hopes that all of the company’s employees, regardless of their position and place of work, will be thoroughly familiar with and honor the provisions of the present Codex.

The Codex has been approved and corrected by the senior managers of the company and is composed of three levels:

— The first level presents five Programmatic commitments, which, in broad strokes, express the strategic conception of the company’s activity;
— The company’s Policies, within which the methods of realizing the Programmatic commitments are more fully outlined, are developed within the bounds of the second level. The company’s Policies establish the limits of acceptable practices in all of the spheres of NTL’s activity, while additionally clarifying what one may expect from a collaboration with NTL;
— The third level presents the Protocols, the Manufacturing procedures and the Instructions which particularly thoroughly describe the execution of the company’s Policies. The given normative documents fully fulfill the requirements of the Programmatic commitments and the company’s Policies.

  • The ethics of doing business
    • NTL operates on the foundations of a spotless and impeccable reputation, of a respect towards other cultures, of dignity and human rights in all of the company’s active regions. While conducting its business, NTL will:
    • Unwaveringly comply with the laws and legislations of the Russian Federation;
    • Only make promises that the company is able to honor and only assume the obligations it is able to fulfill;
    • Never intentionally deceive anyone;
    • Be intolerant of corruption;
    • Not to participate in any inappropriate or unacceptable types of activity;
    • Not to allow violence and never to inflict premeditated harm to any person whatsoever.
    • The company will demand of any third-party organizations acting on behalf of NTL that it should honor commitments similar to the ones outlined above.
  • Employees
    • All of the company’s employees and managers must use company assets only for the purpose of strengthening and developing the company’s business and not in a pursuit of personal profit through the misuse of their official positions. NTL respects the individual rights and the dignity of all its employees. NTL acknowledges and highly values its employees’ contribution into the work of creating a strong and successful company. Combining the professional skills, abilities, and the creative potential of its employees will allow the company to:
    • Stimulate the appearance of new possibilities in the development of the business;
    • Stimulate the appearance of new possibilities in the development of the business;
    • Build a new corporate culture, based on the firm foundation of the structures, on the basis of which NTL was first created;
    • Create a workplace environment where a mutual trust and respect will reign
    • The employees have a right to:
      • Be aware of their position’s obligations;
      • Lead an open and constructive discussion of the qualities and the effectiveness of their work;
      • Receive cooperation with a multifaceted development of their abilities and with their professional growth within the company;
      • To receive the recognition and a high degree of appreciation of their services to the company;
      • To introduce proposals meant to increase the work efficiency of the company’s collective staff;
      • To count on the company paying attention to their personal circumstances in their performance of official duties.
  • Relationships with third-party organizations
    • Our company believes that long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit play key roles in reaching success. NTL is committed to the principle of mutual benefit in the creation of long-lasting and stable relationships with third-party organizations. At the same time, the company will always strive to:
    • Be sensitive to the needs and expectations of private individuals, customers/clients, suppliers, business communities, as well as governmental and non-governmental organizations;
    • Develop business relationships that take into account the interests of all of its partners;
    • Unwaveringly fulfill the obligations of a role as a responsible member of its community in the regions where it conducts business;
    • To show respect towards individual dignity and human rights.
    • The company strives to forge long-term relationships based on:
      • Maintaining the highest standards in its manufacturing activity;
      • The fulfillment of obligations;
      • Openness and flexibility;
      • Exchange of experience;
      • Mutual support;
      • The influence of every single employee on the company’s success.
  • Safety, the protection of health and the environment
    • All of NTL’s employees are responsible for the fulfillment of the obligations having to do with safety, the protection of health and the environment in all of the regions of company’s activity. A strict compliance with the requirements of the safety, protection of the health, and the working conditions of all of its employees plays a key role in the success of the company’s business activity. NTL’s goals in the areas of safety, the protection of health and the environment are extremely clear. Above all, they are:
    • The absence industrial accidents in the production facilities;
    • The absence of any other varieties of accidents in the production facilities;
    • A careful approach to the environment.
    • The company will always strive to lessen the influence of the manufacturing activity on the environment and the health of workers through decreasing industrial waste and using energy in a more economic manner. NTL will produce quality products which are also safe for the consumers. It will comply with the safety standards of transport shipments. The entirety of the company’s management will be responsible for reaching the goals and executing the requirements in the spheres of safety, of the protection of health and the environment, of a clear division of roles and responsibilities, of resource allocation, of finally of the implementation of appropriate measures, analysis and the continuous improvement of the practices that ensure safety, health and an environmental awareness in the NTL.
    • NTL will:
      • Consult with its clients, employees, the residents of the regions where it conducts business, with members of the general public and everyone who works with the company. NTL will hear them out and openly answer any questions;
      • Collaborate with other structures (including partners, suppliers, competitors, governmental organizations, and supervisory authorities) in order to raise the industry standards and norms;
      • Develop a business play for the company, which will include tangible and calculable goals in the sphere of safety, protection of health, and the environment which will be followed by all of the company’s employees;
      • Do everything possible to protect its employees, assets, information, reputation and the production from the risk of loss or the damage inflicted by unlawful activity directed towards the company;
      • Perpetually conduct comprehensive assessments of the internal and external dangers to the company’s safety and take the necessary protective measures;
      • Openly declare the positive and the negative results of its activity;
      • Have an attitude of appreciation towards the people contributing to the improvement of the work dealing with increased safety as well as the protection of health and the environment.
  • Control and finances
    • NTL strives to maximize the growth of the company’s worth on a long-term basis. To realize this obligation in a practical way, the company will hold to a principle of transparency and high standards and planning and control. It will conduct its financial activities while grounded in honesty, integrity, and guided by the norms of law and the highest professional standards. In order to achieve these goals the company will:
    • develop plans and set clear production goals and methods of problem-solving;
    • perpetually analyze plans and target indicators and to control their accomplishment;
    • to create precise assessment and approval of all varieties of investments and their appropriate control costs;
    • to create prognoses of the risks which may affect the company’s assets (including its information systems) and to provide an effective accomplishment of set goals using reliable mechanisms of control;
    • to make significant and timely financial reports;
    • to make possible the optimal realization and proper recording of all operations;
    • to provide the financial protection of assets;
    • to make decisions in the questions of finances, tax-paying and recording, which will be designed to ensure the optimization of the company’s activity;
    • to precisely fulfill the requirements of the federal and regional tax laws;

The present Program obligations are the foundation upon which NTL will build and lead its activity. All of the employees working at NTL are obligated to strictly comply with all of the sections of the given obligations.

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