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Leadership is responsibility

One of the leading companies in Russia in the output of flexible packaging production, “NTL Packing” also strives to assume the leading position in the fields of ecology, labor protection, and industrial safety by using new approaches for the realization of social and charity programs. Manifesting its activity on the territory of Russia and the CIS, we see our mission in making sure that the stable development of our business contributes to socio-economic flourishing of the regions where we conduct our work. We strive to become a company that could be the pride of its employees, our children, and the residents of the region where our enterprise is situated.

The company successfully realizes a complex of program intended on achieving an effective protection of the environment, the betterment of labor conditions, the raising of the sense of well-being of our employees and their families, and the creation of conditions for a socio-economic development of the region. A constructive dialogue between a business and the society at large is primary guarantee of social stability without which a long-lasting and successful development of a business becomes impossible.

In conformity with this conception of stable development, our company continues to integrate innovative technologies and actively utilize ecologically clean energy sources.

Hydropower is the most environmentally friendly energy source and fulfills the full 100% of our production industry’s energy needs.

  • A responsible business must always care about environmental protection and this approach is based on three key principles:
    • ecological progress is necessary and real;
    • the foundation of this progress are investments in innovation;
    • it is necessary to support the international and domestic ecological initiatives.

The policies adopted by “NTL Packing’” in the field of ecology and environmental protection multi-facedly take into account the difficulty of the set goals and determine the primary forms of our activity in this field.

  • The policies of the “NTL Packing” company in the field of environmental protection

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