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Innovative projects

Innovative leadership has become of the main priorities of «NTL Packing» from the moment of the company’s creation in 1997. In order to become of the most effective companies in Russia, by standing out from among its competitors due to the high quality of its products and through its meeting of the most contemporary ecologic standards, the «NTL Packing» company has placed bet on the creation of its own forward-thinking engineering-technological base and the development of its research and development department.

  • The creation of its own ITC center allows
    «NTL Packing» to:

    1. Provide technological self-sufficiency, which is necessary for expansion of production;
    2. Create innovative technological solutions, which allow the company to be competitive;
    3. Get to the technology market with marketable product, approving its technological leadership

  • Concurrently cooperate with the leading Russian and European universities in order to create the technologies of the future. In a joint effort with the St. Petersburg State Technological University of Plant Polymers (SPBSTUPP), the St. Petersburg State Technological Institute (Technical University, SPbSTI), and the Lappeenranta University of Technology(LUT)the company is working on new types of flexible packaging that will meet the new requirements of future consumers.

Presently, we are testing a new technology of green biodegradable films using biopolymers from renewable resources.

The share of bioplastics accounts for approximately10 -15% of today's market of plastics. By 2020,this proportion will increase to as much as 25- 30%.The impetus for such a market boom are the new applications and innovations in the field of packaging, as well as in the automotive and electronics industries. Due to the limited nature of oil-based resources and their prices, as well as the problems with waste disposal, the demand for biodegradable plastics(which create carbon dioxide and water in the course of their decomposition) is growing everywhere.

The utilization of plastic is a very serious problem. Collectively,only 3% of the total quantity of waste plastic in the world becomes recycled. Meanwhile, the share of recycled paper is 30%, metals are 35%, and 18% is glass. Thus, the main stimulus for the growth of the bio-plastics market is the need for the acquisition of renewable and environmentally friendly products. The production of bio-plastics inflicts less damage to the environment since less carbon dioxide is produced as a by-product. The ability to be composted is the main material property which distinguishes bio-plastic based products from traditional plastics. This allows for the organic recycling of organic bio-plastic based products.

Bio-plastics can be biodegradable; they can be produced from triglycerides, which are available in the seeds of oil seed crops such as canola, starches, such as those contained in the maize, sugar beet and potatoes. Conversely, one may use proteins derived from soy beans. When using corn, it is administered to the microorganisms in the course of a fermentation process. As a result, a polymer becomes formed. The polymer is then granulated, and the granules are used for the production of various packaging.

Due to the limited availability of crude oil is one of Europe's most important markets. In recent years, bio-plastics have been used in the food processing industry as well as the packaging industry, the medical industry, in the manufacture of toys, and in the textile industry. The emergence of further innovations in the field is expected in the future. More and more applications for bio-plastics are destined to appear.

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