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We are one of the few companies in Russia and the only one in the country’s North-Western regions which has created its own laboratory in the technological process-control department. Our laboratory allows us to effectively realize the control over numerous product quality indicators determined through the application of various standards. First of all, we provide a quality inspection of incoming raw materials (melt flow index). In the final polymer production we measure: color, appearance, thickness, width, the deviation of the winding at the roll’s end, the level of corona treatment, the tensile strength in the longitudinal and transverse directions, the relative elongation in the events of rupture in the longitudinal and transverse directions, SKT, the coefficient for the shrinking of shrink films. Not all companies can even monitor the performance of densinometric measures during flexo-printing, but we not only perform these measurements, but also monitor the spectrophotometric data printing, which allows us to maintain quality throughout the entire run.

All of this is accomplished through the use of the newest unique equipment from the American company LabDepot Corporation.

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