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Our Partners

Our company believes that long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit play a key role in the achievement of success. Our primary “win-win” principle of cooperation proclaims that all of us are members of the same community and that the best activity is of the variety that considers the interests of all parties. We seek opportunities for benefits not only to ourselves but also to other parties in each interaction that we have and a great number of partners who have cooperated with us will speak of that.

  • Partners in the relevant fields:
  • Bakery and confectionary goods
  • Milk and dairy-based beverages
  • Grocery products, coffee, tea
  • Meat, poultry
  • Products for sanitary and hygienic purposes
  • Fertilizers and peat products
  • Polymer films and chemicals
  • Cosmetics, Chemical products
  • Pasta products
  • Fruits and Vegetables

We win when You win!

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