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For 21 years, we have exclusively produced the best packaging

Why precisely us?

Why us?

"NTL Packing" is a leader among the enterprises of the North-Western region in the flexible packaging industry. Additionally, we are one of the largest manufacturers in our niche across the entirety of Russia. So, why have our partners chosen us to become their collaborator?

We always strive to establish long-term relationships based on mutual benefits with our partners. After thoroughly considering the terms of cooperation, we adapt them to specific situations. We are ready to maintain a dialogue in each of our interactions with our clients and are always glad to demonstrate our flexibility and openness to them.

Contacting us, You can be sure that you'll come face to face with an attitude brimming with goodwill towards yourself as well as a readiness to discuss complex and arguable issues in a friendly manner at every stage of our communication.

We find our work incredibly interesting and thus always enthusiastically struggle to use unique and creative ideas during the manufacture of new products. The diversity of packaging has no limits! We are ready to manifest Your fantasies, to thoroughly consult You about the products you've ordered, and to offer You numerous options for the physical appearance of the packaging as well as its technological traits. Our partners know that our attentiveness towards the client and our commitment to a perfect completion of the obligations we take upon ourselves has always set our company apart from others. We clearly and accurately observe the agreements that we make with our partners - this principle is indestructible and fundamental to our company.

"NTL Packing" gives the due attention to the development of professionalism among its employees. Our specialists perpetually perfect themselves so that You could receive precisely the level of service You’re worthy of! Our employees’ regular visitations of exhibitions, training sessions, and seminars allow us to learn about the latest achievements in the packing industry and to maintain the plank of quality at the highest level. Our manufacturing process integrates the newest products and modern technologies, which frequently receive awards in the largest international competitions.

A dynamic and systematic development is the preferred course for the "NTL Packing" company. We pay a lot of attention to the optimization of spending, the lowering of production costs, the integration of automation into our plants, the development of joint projects with foreign partners, and the modernization of our plants and equipment whilst taking into account energy-saving technologies. We never rest on our laurels. Perpetual development is the state of our soul and the dictate of our reason.

Together we make the impossible possible and change the world in which we live!

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