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Functions and features of frozen food packaging

Frozen foods have gained popularity among consumers around the world due to their ease of preparation, long shelf life and low cost.Modern methods of freezing allow us to talk about the preservation of the beneficial properties of products.For example, during shock freezing, fruits lose only 20% of their original vitamins.

Various types of frozen products are presented on store shelves, from semi-finished meat products to vegetable side dishes and ice cream. To secure storage and stimulate demand, manufacturers use various types of packaging.

Basic packaging functions

The presence of high-quality packaging of frozen goods protects the product from contamination during transportation, exposure to destructive factors, such as, say, oxygen or the action of microorganisms. Packaging for frozen products must perform a number of additional functions, otherwise the product may be dangerous to human health:

  • protection of goods from temperature extremes;
  • resistance to mechanical stress. Transportation conditions are not always ideal, the frozen product has sharp edges — high-quality packaging has increased puncture resistance;
  • inertness of the inner layer of the package to the contents. The material in contact with food must not emit harmful impurities;
  • attracting a buyer. The appearance of the packaging is also important; the material should allow you to create an original design and have a nice texture.

The Russian company NTL Packaging produces a wide range of packaging for frozen products on its own equipment. Multilayer and laminated films based on polymer material meet international quality standards. The flexographic printing technology used in production makes it possible to apply various matte-glossy images to the film.

Features of packaging made of polymeric materials

Multilayer films usually contain three layers:

  • barrier. This is the inner inert layer in contact with the contents of the package;
  • structural. Upper, the main task of which is to protect the goods from the negative effects of external factors;
  • contact. Bonds the top and bottom layers, has high strength.

Thanks to this structure of packaging based on polymer films, each of the layers performs a specific function, and their combination is an ideal solution for frozen foods.