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“NTL Packing” begins production of biodegradable films and wicket bags based on biodegradable CPP

01 June 2020

NTL Packing offers products with the necessary package of permits, fully confirming compliance with current regulations on biodegradation and the absence of microplastics.

Wicket bags based on CPP film (polypropylene), 25 microns thick, is the most popular and sought-after type of packaging for bakery products. Unfortunately, in fact, in 100% form, this packaging is disposed of in municipal landfills as municipal solid waste (municipal solid waste). Today and the near future – to collect or sort this packaging for processing is considered extremely unprofitable due to the complexity and extremely small mass of the packaging unit.

Having a full production cycle – from granules to the final product, NTL-PACKING is ready to offer a new, innovative product – biodegradable (transformable) CPP film. This material will fully preserve all the physical, mechanical and technological properties that packaging has today, but will be BIOGRAPHABLE.

The process of biodegradation (transformation) begins 1 year after the production of the film. The technology is based on the catalytic process of the chemical conversion of polymer chains into biocompatible oligomers. Complete absence of traces of microplastic. To start the biodegradation process, all the factors contributing to the destruction of the film are used – water, moisture, light and heat, which allows you to effectively split the microstructure of polymer chains. The innovative use of prebiotic activators involves living microorganisms in the process of plastic decomposition already at the initial stage. The complete absence of harmful substances in the environment.

The main evidence of biodegradation is a 95% reduction in the molecular weight of the package.

The proof of the lack of microplastic is that when the microplastic is heated, it again turns into plastic. Oligomers are no longer converted to plastic.


NTL-Packing carried out tests in its own laboratory and technological tests in a full cycle – to a finished package with high-quality printing. The film has passed certification tests for compliance with regulatory documents of the Russian Federation:

GOST R 57432-2017 PACKING.


GOST R 54530-2011 (EN 13432: 2000) Resource conservation. PACKAGING.
Requirements, criteria and scheme for the disposal of packaging through composting and biodegradation (Russian edition of the European Standard).

Test batches for technological testing and practical use have been produced and will be provided at your request.

Thank you for your attention.

and the desire to make our world cleaner for ourselves and future generations together.

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