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On September 2, a large and bright holiday took place in the village of Lesogorsk, dedicated to the 25th anniversary of the formation of NTL Packaging!

02 September 2021

All NTL Packaging employees and their relatives were invited to the festive event. Many came with children. Administration of the village. Lesogorsky provided its site, and the company’s management prepared a special program for the celebration of the anniversary. Fun family games, general team building in the form of building a «Goldberg machine», outdoor barbecue, live music, a concert and festive fireworks filled the program with laughter and joy! The company’s management and representatives of the local administration congratulated everyone on the anniversary. On this day, no one remained indifferent and did not leave without gifts and good mood! Such holidays unite us. They make it possible to look to the future with hope and make new life plans!

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04 September 2002
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