The company
is ISO certified

Mission and Values

Our Mission

The mission of NTL Packing is to promote the economic development and well-being of the communities served by the company by providing citizens and enterprises with high-quality flexible packaging solutions that meet high professional and ethical standards.

Packaging production

NTL Packing offers comprehensive solutions for the production of high-quality packaging materials. Our company is one of the leading Russian companies working in the flexible polymer packaging industry. The main activity of the company remained unchanged throughout its long history — it is the manufacture of various high-tech film polymer products, bags, packaging from combined materials, plastic packaging, bags for storing food, household chemicals and other consumer goods in Russia, the CIS countries, and far abroad. Without changing the traditions of high quality production, our company is constantly upgrading its equipment. Today, NTL Packing is one of the most modern-equipped facilities in its industry.

Company management

The well-organized structure of the enterprise and the established interconnection of all divisions ensure the fast and high-quality production of polyethylene packaging, bags, polymer sheeting and other types of flexible packaging, as well as meeting the highest demands and requirements of customers. The introduction of a flexible modern management system in the NTL Packing company promotes the active adaptation of production to the changing external environment, including the economic situation on the market. We build relationships with our Clients and Partners based on mutual trust and respect. Due to this, the positive image of the company and excellent reputation serve the Customers as a guarantee of the quality of our work and the fulfillment of our obligations. Flexibility in working with clients, high quality products, technological and product innovations are the basis for the development of our business.

Product range

The main range of products is polymer packaging:

  • plastic bags,
  • shrink and barrier film,
  • high-tech film polymer products,
  • flowers and soil, household chemicals and personal hygiene products,
  • printing on polypropylene, polyethylene, foil and other flexible materials.
Our goals

NTL Packing considers its goal to create new value, maintain high profitability and stability of its business, provide founders with a high return on invested capital by increasing the value of the Company’s assets.

To achieve these goals, NTL Packing will use all available opportunities, including further efforts to reduce costs, increase the efficiency of its operations, improve the quality of its products and services, and use new innovative technologies for the production of packaging materials.

Our values

and excellence

Our perfectionism directs us to a very high professional standard. Striving for the full realization of the creative potential of our employees and our own, we constantly pay attention to professional development and the development of impeccable professionalism in the team.

Excellence in everything we do. We are aware that the key to success is excellence in all areas of our work. Therefore, we must make every effort to create, maintain and strengthen our competitive advantages.

In our daily work, we are constantly searching for new solutions, encouraging it and aiming to increase reliability and effectiveness. We strive to make a creative approach to solving problems an everyday reality — this is the only way to ensure high quality products and services. We understand how useful it is to draw ideas from other cultures. Taking them into service, we make the best use of this diversity for organizational purposes.

Our employees possess the most modern knowledge in their industry, take part in exhibitions and conferences, which allows us to implement the latest technological achievements in the production of plastic packaging.

Our goal is to pack your products efficiently and creatively — so that the form adequately reflects the content, because we are sure that these components are of equal importance. To do this, we use the entire arsenal of capabilities of our production. There is no limit to the variety of packaging: interacting with customers, we embody their wildest fantasies.

Creativity and Innovation

and win-win cooperation

NTL Packing interacts with its partners, employees, suppliers, government organizations and competitors. We cooperate with any structures interested in dialogue and openly announce the results of our activities.

We believe that the best activity is one that takes into account the interests of both parties, and, interacting with our partners, we carefully monitor that all participants win in the process of cooperation.

Communicating with our customers, we show flexibility and the ability to adapt the situation to a specific case, with its controversial and complex nuances. We are always ready to consider individual circumstances and offer compromise solutions and cooperation schemes.

Individual approach
to each client

employee assistance

We are attentive to the needs of our employees, and contribute to the creation of a friendly, constructive atmosphere in which their creative potential is most fully realized. Relations in the team are filled with mutual respect. Our employees love their work, because it receives decent recognition and appreciation from the management. We encourage initiatives and proposals to improve the production process of flexible packaging and develop modern programs in the field of human relations.

We strive to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. The company reduces production waste, develops and implements energy saving schemes.

We strictly comply with safety standards, health protection requirements and environmental supervision.

NTL Packaging is the production of safe quality packaging products for consumers. All products manufactured by our company are certified for contact with food products and meet the requirements of Sanitary Inspection, Rostest and the Consumer Club.


social position

NTL Packing, being a responsible member of the society in the regions of its presence, seeks to strictly observe its obligations. We participate in the long-term target program “Development and state support of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Leningrad region.” We are always happy to take part in production exhibitions, talk about our achievements and contribute in every way to the development of the flexible packaging industry.