The company
is ISO certified

Business Policy

This Business Code (hereinafter referred to as the Code) contains a description of standards of conduct that will allow to realize the main goals and principles of NTL Packing. The Code outlines the basic principles of NTL Packing corporate governance, which are mandatory for all company employees.

This Code is designed to state the strategic goals of the company and its requirements, designed to serve as the basis for evaluating professional activities.

NTL Packing hopes that all employees of the company, regardless of position and place of work, will be well aware and comply with the Code.

The code is agreed upon and adjusted by senior managers of the company and consists of three levels:

  • At the first level, five Program Commitments are presented, outlining the strategic concept of the company;
  • Within the framework of the second level, the Company Policies have been developed, which describe in more detail the ways to implement the Program obligations. They establish the framework of acceptable practice for all areas of NTL Packing, as well as explain what to expect from cooperation with NTL Packing;
  • At the third level, Protocols, Production Procedures and Instructions are presented, which, in particular, describe in detail the implementation of Company Policies. These regulatory documents fully comply with the requirements of the Program Obligations and Company Policies.


The company's business practice includes five areas:
Business Ethics
Relations with third parties
Safety, health and the environment
Control and Finance

NTL Packing operates on the basis of an impeccable reputation, respect for other cultures, dignity and human rights in all regions of the company. In its activities, NTL Packing will:

  • strictly comply with the laws of the Russian Federation;
  • to promise only what she is capable of doing, to undertake only those obligations that it will certainly fulfill;
  • not to mislead anyone intentionally;
  • not to condone corruption; not to participate in any unacceptable activities;
  • avoid violence and never intentionally harm anyone.

The company will require third-party organizations acting on behalf of NTL Packing to fulfill similar obligations.

All employees and managers are required to use the company’s assets only to strengthen and develop the company’s business, not striving for personal gain by abuse of their official position. NTL Packing respects the rights and dignity of all employees. NTL Packing recognizes and appreciates the contribution of employees to creating a strong and successful company. The combination of professional skills, abilities and creative potential of employees will allow the company:

  • stimulate the emergence of new business development opportunities;
  • create an inspiring working atmosphere in which each employee feels responsibility for the results of the activities and reputation of the company;
  • build a new corporate culture based on the solid foundation of the structures on the basis of which NTL Packing was created;
  • create a work environment in which mutual trust and respect reign.

Employees have the right:

  • know their job responsibilities;
  • conduct an open and constructive discussion of the quality and effectiveness of their work;
  • receive assistance in the comprehensive development of their abilities and professional growth within the company;
  • receive recognition and appreciation of their merits to the company;
  • make suggestions aimed at improving the efficiency of the team;
  • rely on the attention of the company to their personal circumstances in the performance of official duties.

The company believes that long-term relationships based on trust and mutual benefit play a key role in achieving success. NTL Packing is committed to adhering to the principle of mutual benefit to build long-term and stable relationships with third-party organizations. At the same time, the company will strive to:

  • to understand the needs and expectations of individuals, customers, suppliers, business communities, governmental and non-governmental organizations;
  • to develop business relations taking into account the interests of all its partners;
  • to strictly fulfill obligations as a responsible member of the company in the regions of its presence;
    show respect for human dignity and human rights.

The company seeks to create long-term relationships based on:

  • high standards of production;
  • fulfillment of obligations;
  • openness and flexibility;
  • exchange of experience;
  • mutual support;
  • the involvement of all employees in the success of the company.

All NTL Packaging personnel are responsible for meeting safety, health and environmental requirements. Strict adherence to safety, health and working conditions of all company employees plays a key role in the success of its activities. The goals of NTL Packing in the field of safety, health and the environment are clear:

  • no accidents at work;
  • no breakdowns at work;
  • respect for the environment.

The company will constantly strive to reduce the impact of production activities on the environment and the health of workers by reducing production waste, as well as saving energy. NTL Packing will produce quality products that are safe for consumers. It will comply with transport safety standards. All company managers will be responsible for achieving goals and fulfilling safety, health and environmental requirements, clearly distributing roles and responsibilities, allocating resources and taking the necessary measures, analyzing and constantly improving safety, health and environmental protection practices in NTL Packing.

NTL Packing will:

  • consult with customers, employees, the population of the regions of presence, representatives of the general public and everyone who collaborates with the company, listen to them and openly answer questions;
  • collaborate with other entities (including partners, suppliers, competitors, government agencies and supervisory bodies) in order to improve the quality of industry standards and regulations;
  • develop business plans for the company, including measurable goals in the field of safety, health and the environment, which will be followed by all employees;
  • do everything possible to protect employees, assets, information, reputation and production from the risk of loss or damage from illegal actions against the company;
  • constantly conduct a comprehensive assessment of internal and external security threats, take the necessary protective measures;
  • openly announce the positive and negative results of its activities;
  • Respect all persons who contribute to the improvement of safety, health and the environment.

NTL Packing strives to maximize the value of the company on a long-term basis. For the practical implementation of this obligation, the company will adhere to the principle of transparency and high standards of planning and control. It will conduct financial affairs based on honesty, integrity, guided by the norms of the law and the highest professional standards. To achieve these goals, the company will:

  • develop plans and set clear production goals and objectives;
  • constantly analyze plans and targets, monitor their implementation;
  • provide assessment and approval of all types of investments and cost control;
  • predict the risks to which the company’s assets are exposed (including information systems) and ensure the effective achievement of goals by using reliable control mechanisms;
  • make reliable and timely financial reports;
  • ensure optimal implementation and proper accounting of all operations;
  • provide financial protection for assets;
  • make decisions on finance, taxation and accounting that are designed to optimize the company’s activities;
  • clearly comply with the requirements of federal and regional tax laws.

These Program obligations are the basis on which NTL Packing will build and conduct its business. All employees working in NTL Packing are required to strictly comply with all provisions of these obligations.