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Meeting with the new head of the administration of the Vyborgsky District of the Leningrad Region

04 June 2012

Anatoly Vladimirovich Buzdanov, financial director of “NTL Packing”, took part in a meeting with the new head of the Vyborgsky District Administration of the Leningrad Region, Alexander Petrovich Lysov, who, in accordance with the travel schedule, visited the Svetogorsk City Settlement.

The meeting with the head of the district administration was also attended by deputies, administration workers, heads of other enterprises and veteran organizations of the Svetogorsk city settlement.

Together with Alexander Petrovich, the municipality was visited by Aleksey Vitalyevich Smirnov, deputy head of the district administration, Vladimir Alekseevich Roshkovich, manager of the administration of the Vyborg district, Alexey Gennadyevich Lysov, chairman of the Committee on Interaction with Settlements and Public Associations of Citizens.

This was the first visit of Alexander Petrovich Lysov in a new capacity. Svetogorsk urban settlement is among the leaders of settlements in the district, so Alexander Petrovich began his acquaintance with the municipalities of the region from it.

The meeting was held in a warm, friendly and constructive atmosphere.

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