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25 December 2013

As part of the promotion of the enterprise and the provision of assistance to pre-school and secondary school institutions, the “STRITART AND GRAFFITI” competition was held.

51 students participated in the competition. No one left without a gift. All participants were awarded commemorative diplomas and incentive prizes. The winners of the competition were awarded high-tech gadgets in the form of tablet computers and smartphones.

An informative tour of the plant was also conducted, where the children were shown the whole process of manufacturing flexible packaging that they encounter every day in the store and at home.

Took part in the competition:

“Secondary school number 1 in Svetogorsk”

Popova Anastasia
Tyupina Victoria
Grigoryev Ilya
Maykova Valeria
Burkovskaya Tatyana
Fedina Julia
Mikhailova Julia
Sidorova Elizabeth
Kulish Gregory
Vertyankin Andrey
Zernova Ksenia
Gordeeva Eugene
Yakubova Maria
Vilakova Victoria

MOU “Lesogorsk Secondary School”

Grade 3 25 students
George Bormin
Margarita Sosnina

MCOU “Lesogorsky orphanage”
Dasha A.
Larisa Z.
Dasha D.
Inga K.
Masha D.
Nastya S.
Vika K.
Olesya N.
Nastya D
Nina V.

Youth Organization of the Svetogorsk Combine

George Bormin
Margarita Sosnina

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