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Plastic clips for wicket bags

Plastic clips for wicket bags

The NTL Packing company was one of the first in the domestic market to launch wicket bags. Soon we began to make clamps for this package. Now we produce these fasteners in large quantities as a separate type of product.

They collect wicket bags using special holes in the valves. As a rule, two are attached to the stack, less often — one clip. In a pack there are usually 100-300 pieces.

Clips, first of all, do not allow the pile to crumble during packaging, transportation and use. They also make it easy to load into filling machines, but with manual packaging it is convenient to open and close them many times.

Our bag clips

We make these clamps from our own raw materials. We use our well-developed recipes, repeatedly modify the form and composition in search for the best ratio of quality and cost. The result is simplicity and ease of use on any filling equipment.

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