The company
is ISO certified

Purchased a security bag manufacturing machine

08 April 2015

“NTL Packing” Company acquired and commissioned a new multi-option bag making machine for the production of various types of security packages: safe packages, courier packages, etc.

Security packages have found widespread use today. The safe package is designed to protect confidential documents, securities, money and precious metals during their transportation and storage from unauthorized access.

A safe bag is made of a special opaque multilayer material (white outside and black inside), which makes the contents of the package invisible. An attempt to criminally open a safe package by mechanical means, using freezing, heating or chemicals, leaves unavoidable signs of these effects. The standard product is equipped with a barcode and a transparent pocket for accompanying documents. It is possible to apply additional information with a conventional ballpoint pen. The most reliable safe packages have over 20 different degrees of protection, which eliminates unauthorized entry in principle.

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14 March 2003
Gravimetric systems for supplying and mixing materials for a modern three-layer extruder of the BIELLONI Company and other extruders were purchased and installed
02 July 2012
As part of a staff development program at the production site of “NTL Packing”, Russian Register held an open seminar on the theme: “Development, implementation and internal audit of an integrated quality management system ISO 9001, ISO 14001. Introduction to ISO 9001 quality management systems”
28 September 2018
The specialists of KAMPF (Germany) carried out a complex of works on the modernization and adjustment of equipment