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Solemn and commemorative events dedicated to Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War were held

14 May 2013

On May 9, 2013, solemnly-memorable events dedicated to Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War were held at the Svetogorsk City Settlement.

In the city memorial park near the monument “Glory to Soviet soldiers” and at a mass grave on the street. Pilots in the village Lesogorsky – 1 rallies with the participation of WWII veterans, military personnel and students of educational institutions of the settlement. Having uttered words of sorrow, thanks, the audience paid tribute to those who did not return from the battle with a moment of silence. Representatives of the NTL Packaging company, together with local authorities, laid wreaths and flowers at the mass graves.

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04 May 2011
The “NTL Packing” company, among other sponsors, has allocated funds for the public organization Fund Future Vyborg for the improvement of the area and the installation of the stele City of Military Glory
22 November 2013
Today, in the administration building of the Svetogorsk city settlement, the Svetogorets football team was awarded as a prize winner of the championship of the city of Vyborg and the Vyborg district in football among amateur teams of the 2013 season
26 May 2020
The management and technical staff of NTL Packaging took part in the Dow webinar