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Packaging film

The production of packaging films for food and non-food products is one of the specializations of NTL Packaging. For this purpose, we have modern equipment, high-quality raw materials, qualified personnel and invaluable years of experience in making the best packaging.

Laminated films with external and interlayer printing
Modern solutions in flexo printing: direct and mirror, external and interlayer. Laminate films of different kinds and combinations to obtain unique barrier properties.
Multi-layer films with and without printing
High-quality flexographic printing of up to 10 colors, own production of flexible print forms (printing plates) made of photopolymers, own reproduction, HD Flexo technology, «Automation Engine» system, short time of reconfiguration from circulation to circulation, use of Smart GPS technology.

Types of packaging films

There are many possible combinations of producing multilayer films using different materials. The set of protective and decorative properties of the package depends on this.

We use in production:

  • Polyethylene (PE; Varieties — HPH, LPA, PPA);
  • Caste polypropylene (CPP);
  • PET (polyethylene terephthalate (lavsan));
  • BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene);
  • Multi-layer barrier films with PA (polyamide);
  • EVOH (ethylene vinyl alcohol);
  • PVDH (polyvinylidene chloride);
  • Paper;
  • Polymer paper;
  • Metallized, matte films;
  • Foil.

Production technologies

  • Films — packaging solutions, extrusion, printing, lamination, roll cutting.
  • Extrusion of blow films — multilayer film — different thicknesses, different barrier properties, and transparency.
  • Cast line for production of soft films up to eight layers by cast extrusion method.

Our partners are suppliers of raw materials: DOW Chemical, EXXON Mobil, LyondellBASELL, BOREALIS, SABIC, SIBUR, NIZHNEKAMSKNEFTEKHIM, LUKOIL (STAVROLEN), etc.

Advertising printing on film

The latest technologies in printing — high-resolution printing, matte-glossy combinations.

The main technology is flexographic printing on polymer film, up to 10 colors, with digital and laser training. Own production of flexible print forms (printing plates) made of photopolymers, own reproduction, HD Flexo technology. The Automation Engine system, its own paint preparation station — we can get any unique shade.

We carry out quality control of printing on flexible materials using our own unique methods on modern laboratory equipment, using spectro- and densitometric methods.

But all these high-end technologies and materials would be useless without our employees. Investing in training, development and staff development is our reality, not high words. Thanks to the daily work of our team you can order quality polyethylene/polypropylene film in rolls or ready-made packaging from it, at an attractive cost. We work for Moscow and St. Petersburg, for the whole country and abroad.