The company
is ISO certified

Multi-layer films with and without printing

The combination of several polymer layers allows to give the package increased strength, set certain barrier properties, improve appearance, etc. NTL Packing has its own production of full-cycle multilayer films, so we can offer customers really favorable conditions, an individual approach and a wide range of options for the manufacture of flexible packaging.

The films we make

According to our own recipes, we produce multilayer films (with a polyethylene or propylene layer) for lamination, as well as for packaging various products:

  • groceries and pastries
  • bakery products
  • frozen food
  • dairy produce
  • soil, peat, fertilizers
  • personal hygiene products
  • household chemicals
  • goods for pets
  • building mixtures
  • mail, e-commerce, courier services, banks.

Packaging Applications

Features of the films production

Despite the fact that we have standard solutions, we rely not only on them, looking for individual solutions for customers. In each case, there are features of the product, its storage and transportation, distribution. We will offer you the optimal format and composition of flexible packaging, based on rich practice – since 1996.

In addition to the experience, we have modern European equipment, raw materials from leading manufacturers. We are constantly developing technologically, and continuously improving the qualifications of our staff. We provide training for employees both in Russia and abroad.

You can buy a multilayer films with HD Flexo printing from us. It is distinguished by a clearer image, the ability to use smaller fonts and increase the information content of the package without inconvenience to reading for the consumer, softer tones and color transitions, preserving brightness and color saturation.

In addition to modern flexographic printing machines, equipment for digital and laser preparation, we also have our own ink preparation station, and we carry out spectro- and densitometric print quality control.

Cooperation with the NTL Packing company will open all the facets and possibilities of the modern polymer industry. Our products are the packaging of your successful business.