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Packaging for building materials

Modern building materials market requires to work hard to create durable packaging with high barrier qualities, convenient to use, with unlimited design capabilities. And we accept this challenge.

Types of polymer packaging for building mixtures and other materials

Packages for building materials should have the best strength and barrier properties: protect the contents from physical impact, external factors, such as moisture and sunlight. At the same time, in an era when everything is decided by marketing, packaging must have beautiful design, possess external aesthetics and thoughtful ergonomics.

It can be provided by combined multilayer and laminated polymer sheeting

In addition to sheeting, manufacturers and packers of building materials use technical and advertising packages of our production.

Packaging for your products

NTL Packing Features

  • Advanced equipment, raw materials of the best manufacturers, high level of qualification of employees, thoughtful logistics.
  • Strong attitude to the agreements reached.
  • The most complex and unique sheeting formulations tested on similar building materials.
  • Full-color printing (up to 10 colors) of the HD Flexo standard.
  • Providing test materials.
  • Continuous accounting of new technologies and the search for materials, formats, designs.

If we take up the work, we accompany our product much further than the doors of the warehouse. Choosing our films and packaging, you can be sure that you will receive 100% return from cooperation.