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Promotional and technical bags

The value of branded packaging is hard to overestimate. It is the key to building brand recognition, the first step to building a reputation, popularity and commercial success. Even technical packaging can be branded. Branded colors and a logo are needed on promotional plastic bags.

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  • NTL is a combination of traditions and new perspectives in the future!
  • NTL is a high quality and new packaging solutions!
  • NTL is individual solutions, innovations and excellent interaction!
  • NTL is optimization and continuous development!

The list of our regular customers will say better than any words about whether we can be trusted with the face of your company – branded packaging.

Packaging Applications

Features of advertising / technical plastic bags manufactured by NTL Packing

  • Full cycle production – starting with film extrusion. We produce multilayer and laminated film (solventless lamination) with improved decorative and functional properties.
  • There are a number of our own recipes adapted for packaging for various business segments. Experience allows us to offer solutions for the most specific tasks of the client.
  • All possible range of sizes, thicknesses, options (handles, handle reinforcement, folding, transparency; LDPE, PND, PSD, PP; with punch or loop handles, packing (technical)),
  • High-quality printing in 6, 8, 10 colors, including interlayer, full quality control (spectrophotographic and densitometry).
  • The latest technology in printing – high-resolution printing, matte-glossy combinations.
  • Own paint preparation station – unique color schemes.
  • Control – own laboratory – special test procedures.