The company
is ISO certified

Production of polyethylene and polypropylene bags

NTL Packing is always individual solutions and innovations. If we do something, then we do it efficiently. The list of our customers includes the largest manufacturers, processors and packaging enterprises.

The company «NTL Packaging» produces and sells plastic and polypropylene bags of the following types:

Wicket bags for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed packaging
Convenient solution for high-speed, semi-automatic and even manual packaging of products and hygiene products. We use multi-layer films from PE and CPP.
Postal Approved Mailing Bags, Mailer bags for your mailing and shipping needs, Tamper Evident Proof Bags
Made of black and white opaque film, optional — with valves, sticky tape, several degrees of protection, individual marking.
Promotional and technical bags
From different films, all possible types, with and without handles, reinforced and not, transparent — opaque, all colors, with printing images and without printing.
Pouch bags, two- and three-seams bags, Pillow pouch
Doypack premade pouch, Pillow pouch, Film and packaging itself, all variety of sizes, two and three seams, zip lock, transparent side, windows.

Possibilities of NTL Packing

  • Continuous investments in employees, equipment and production processes.
  • The production is equipped with German, Swiss and Italian equipment. Only high quality raw materials are used. Full cycle production.
  • Employees are proactive, qualified, highly educated.
  • Extrusion of blow multilayer films, different thicknesses, different barrier properties.
  • CAST extrusion — thin films up to eight layers, thermoformed films, Materials used: PP, PE, PET, PA other.
  • Unique proven formulations based on polyethylene (PE) and Cast polypropylene (CPP) films for food and non-food packaging.
  • The ability to combine different barrier and decorative properties due to multi-layer extrusion and lamination technologies by adding as layers: Cast PP, PET (polyethylene terephthalate, or lavsan), BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), multi-layer barrier films with PA (polyamide), EVOH (ethylene-vinyl alcohol paper), PVDH.
  • High-speed machines for making polyethylene and polypropylene bags.
  • External and interlayer, direct and mirror flexography printing up to 10 colors with the highest resolution using HD Flexo printing standard. Short time to reconfigure from circulation to circulation, use of Smart GPS technology.
  • Own production of flexible print forms (printing plates) made of photopolymers, own reproduction, HD Flexo technology. Automation Engine implemented.
  • Its own inks preparation station — for production of pantones of any colors and shades, various combinations and special properties (gloss, haze, abrasion resistance, UV radiation resistance, etc.).
  • Unique own quality control laboratory equipped with modern USA equipment and with its own special methods of control measurements, which allows monitoring the quality of the raw materials used and the products themselves (incoming and outgoing control). Measuring test methods: a gas chromatography, friction coefficient, the test for a gap, strength test of stretching, the test for resistance to a gap, strength test when piercing, the shock durability, gloss, antifog, transparency, a barrier to steam, the DSC analysis, the spectrophotometer, the densitometer and so forth.
  • Any modifications and options for packages requested by the customer: handles, perforations, overheads, valves, windows, pockets, locks, adhesive tapes, dispensers, nozzles, receipts, stickers, markers, QR and barcodes…
  • The widest possible range of sizes.
  • Essential consumables, such as polymer strip and clips to wicket bags.

High Standards Level

Produce quality packaging in a wide range — this is not enough for us! Our partners know that being attentive to the customer and strictly fulfilling the commitments made is something that has always singled out our company among others. We clearly and accurately observe the agreements — this principle is inviolable for the company. In every interaction, we are ready for dialogue and are happy to show our clients flexibility and openness. We always seek a long-term relationship with our partners, based on the principle of winning for both sides.

If you want to order the package directly from the manufacturer, NTL Packaging is one of the most worthy choice. We are open to new partners and friends — we are waiting for you.