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Pouch bags, two- and three-seams bags, Pillow pouch

Pouch packages, known on the world market for more than four decades, have already gained steady popularity in Russia. Flexible plastic packaging is an effective replacement for cans and PET bottles used in the food and non-food industries, and demand for it is growing steadily.

In our company manufacturing this type of packaging we use the most advanced technologies, so that you can get high-quality packaging with a wide range of materials to be combined, sizes and additional options.

Pouch Features

Pouch pack is a multi-seam vacuum bag with a flexible bottom, which along with reinforced seams allows it to stand stably on the surface. Such packages very often provide a zip lock or dispenser with a lid for reusable use. It is ideal to pack in pouch and store loose, liquid, viscous substances in them: sauces, animal feed, detergents, building mixtures.

Advantages of this type of packaging:

  • It is much easier and cheaper than glass or plastic bottles – with the same opportunity to stand upright.
  • Long shelf life of contents, especially with a specially selected formulation of the inner and outer surfaces.
  • Possibility of sterilization.
  • Convenience of opening and use with a zip-lock or dispenser, which, moreover, retain the properties of the product longer.
  • An extensive list of possible shapes, sizes, options.
  • Full color printing on both sides.

Packaging Applications

Production of pouch packages at NTL Packing

Our technological equipment allows us to conduct full-cycle production, which means:

  • A huge range of films for the outer layer, taking into account the requirements and wishes of the customer.
  • Unique formulations of the internal heat sealable layer.
  • High quality printing.
  • Solventless lamination with individual selection of glue and its thickness.
  • Optimized cost and ability to provide competitive prices.
  • A wide range of sizes and functions of the finished package: two or three seams, a round or folded bottom, zip lock, dispenser, fitting, transparent (one or both) side, windows, suspensions, notches.
  • Multistage technological control – at each stage and of the finished product as a whole.

It is also important that we manufacture and sell multilayer and laminated films that give the packaging improved barrier or decorative properties. You can buy them from us for your own pouch production.