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Packing for Pasta, Dry products, Confectionery

Complex, Compound film

NTL Packing offers composition is determined by your individual requirements — you decide which properties this protective film should have. It is a complex or compound film manufactured from various laminated or co-extruded materials.

Our composition is comprised of 2 — 3 (diplex-triplex) or more layers for optimal protective qualities, for example regarding mechanical strength, oxygen and vapour tightness or heat and weather resistance.

The Complex film are wound onto reels and can be processed in fully automated packaging lines or bag converting machines.

Polyethylene film

Polyethylene film can be supplied as a low (LDPE), medium (MDPE) or high (HDPE) density polyethylene film. It is absolutely food safe, recyclable and can be processed in any version. Our film is particularly suitable for automatic packaging processes owing to its extreme flexibility and excellent shrink properties. It is a highly versatile tubular plastic film which can be extruded either as a monolayer or as a co-ex product with several laminations. It can be printed in up to 10 different colours to make the ideal advertising medium.

BOPP film

This biaxial oriented polypropylene (BOPP) film provides significantly better tear, impact and puncture resistance than other packaging materials. Its high surface gloss and transparency show off your packaged products in the best possible light. It can be printed in up to 10 different colours to make the ideal advertising medium.

CPP film

The number one film for flat bagging and perforated sealing. CPP (cast polypropylene) film is excellently suited for machine processing, with high seal stability and enormous elasticity. It is perfect for freezing, peelable and blunt with good slippage. Its high surface gloss and absolute transparency provide a clear view of the packaged product, and it can be printed up to 10 different colours to make the ideal advertising medium.

Stand-Up Pouches

NTL Packing offers Stand-Up pouches that include the most common sizes and styles used for all your food and non-food packaging needs.

Constructed from multiple layers of either poly, nylon, polyester, metallized, or foil films, Stand-Up Pouches provide a barrier for the contents inside the pouch (i.e., keeping food inside fresh). The barrier properties are measured by moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTR), oxygen transmission rate (OTR), heat resistance, puncture resistance, and tensile strength.

Stand-Up Pouches are constructed so that they can stand up when left on their own, once the product is in the bags. This is due to the bottom gusset which creates a solid base. The bags store flat for easy storage. In comparison to cardboard boxes, Stand-Up pouches cannot get crushed. All of these things make Stand-Up pouches excellent for retail applications.

The zip tops on these Stand-Up pouches make them ideal for customers’ convenience to be able to seal and re-seal the bags.

Packaging for your products

For lamination we can use PE (polyethylene), PET (polyethylene terephthalate (lavsan)), CPP (non-oriented (cast) polypropylene), BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene), multilayer barrier sheeting with RA (polyamide), PVDH (polyvinylidene chloride), EVOH ( ethylene-vinyl alcohol), paper and polymer paper, metallized, matte sheeting. For groceries and confectionery products, in addition to laminated sheeting, we also order wholesale multilayer sheeting with external printing, wicket bags with clips and clip tape, doy packs, advertising and technical packages.

Our advantages

  • The best sheeting materials.
  • Efficiency
  • A constant range of sheeting in stock.
  • Continuous development and testing of new materials.
  • We can reduce circulation – to change the design or promotional products.
  • We optimize the cost thanks to modern technology.

The basic principles of our work are cooperation on the basis of mutual benefit, honesty and commitment, the steady search for the ideal option for each customer, continuous improvement of technology and professional development. We want to be the best – for you to be the best!