The company
is ISO certified

Postal Approved Mailing Bags, Mailer bags for your mailing and shipping needs, Tamper Evident Proof Bags

Packets for sending, transferring confidential documents, money, clothes, securities and goods are in high demand among various organizations: postal and courier companies, online stores, banks and administrative units.

This package has special requirements for strength, resistance to external influences and opening. You can order and wholesale bulk mail, courier, safe packages (security packages) with a wide range of options at NTL Packing company.

Features of this type of packaging

  • Made of black and white, 100% opaque film, reliably hiding the contents, resistant to punctures, moisture and temperature extremes.
  • It is equipped with a closing valve and a lock of adhesive tape with protection against heat, mechanical opening.
  • It can be any size.
  • It often has an individual marking – numbers, barcodes.
  • A variety of additional options: pockets, fields for the address and other information, stickers, perforations, tear-off sections, handle.
  • It leaves all the possibilities for full-color printing of images from two sides.
  • Convenient group packaging.

Packaging Applications

Postal and courier packages at NTL Packing

The full cycle of our production gives a huge range of unique solutions for the manufacture of reliable packages with many degrees of protection against unauthorized opening for sending valuable documents, banknotes or goods. Ourportfolio has long-term and close partnerships with companies from Russia and the CIS. We work on impeccable quality, 100% customer satisfaction, implicit adherence to deadlines. You can order packages for courier and postal shipments, security packaging with an individual branded design, or use the finished serial products of NTL Packing under your own SafeInBag brand.