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Packaging for mail, documents, courier services, banks and online stores

Our bags will hold up against bad weather and possible forceful packaging, so you can be assured that your products and labels will stay untarnished. The RUSSIAN POST postal office have determined and approved certain poly bags to work on their scanners. This also minimizes the chances of your products getting damaged or lost during the delivery process.

NTL Packing offers wholesale poly mailer bags for your mailing and shipping needs. Our tamper-proof, water resistant poly mailers are available with or without perforations below the permanent tape closure; non-perforated mailers offer greater security, while perforated mailers offer more convenience for the recipient.

They feature a self-seal adhesive closure that will not re-open once closed and are opaque to provide privacy for your customers. Our poly mailers are very lightweight to help save you money on shipping, and are easy to stick stamps and labels to. Because these bags are constructed with a strong bottom fold and are tamper evident, they are perfect for storing and shipping clothing, paperwork, soft goods, and pharmaceuticals.

Packaging for your products

Advantages of NTL Packing

  • We are leading in this segment of special packaging. For example, we produce all standard sizes of postal packages for Russian Post, we cooperate with the most famous courier services in the country.
  • Modern equipment, including specialized, allows us to solve any customer request.
  • We grow along with the market, introduce the latest technological advances, test new recipes.
  • We comprehensively advise clients, finding the optimal solution for each task.

Impeccable quality, honest and mutually beneficial cooperation, 100% satisfied customer – we do everything to make these words the essence of our daily work.