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Branded packages as a component of the company’s image

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of advertising and marketing for promoting a company in the market and attracting the attention of potential customers. Creative packaging designs, catchy slogans and various advertising methods are used in the struggle for buyers. One of the types of advertising solutions – packages with a brand logo, which draw attention to the manufacturer and the product, form recognition, and maintain a positive image of the company.

The main tasks of branded packages

Such a seemingly everyday product like a package plays a big role in marketing and performs a number of tasks:

  • Direct interaction with the audience. The package with the brand logo printed on it falls directly into the hands of the client at the time of purchase, presentation of branded gifts or presentation materials. The consumer associates the purchase with positive emotions from the purchase or gift, the client automatically forms a positive brand image.
  • Unobtrusive advertising. A colorful, unusual, attention-grabbing package in the hands of a client is noticed by others. Such brand advertising increases the company’s awareness, can interest people, direct them to the seller’s website or to find the nearest store. Provided that the print of the image will be performed with high quality.
  • Transfer of useful information. When a company puts information about promotions, discounts, events on a package, it forms a new customer base and strengthens its position among the conquered consumers.

Variety of branded packages

Equipment and technologies for the production of packaging materials provide a wide variety of bags and the application of various information on them (from inscriptions to volumetric images). Different shapes are available to manufacturers of goods: T-shirt bags, with a cut-out and looped handle, different material thicknesses, transparency, colors and sizes.
At NTL Packaging you can create branded packaging designs and use high-quality flexographic printing on film with cliches. Printing can be external and interlayer, direct and mirror, up to 10 colors.