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Thermochromic solvent inks for flexographic printing

There are special requirements for inks for printing on flexible packaging, as such packaging is most often used in the food industry. Currently dominant are solvent inks (with a solvent in the composition), which create a high quality print, as well as a reliable elastic film. The technology using solvent inks makes it possible to achieve a printing speed of up to 600 m / min, which is significantly higher than the analogs. A novelty in this area is the technology for changing the color of paints, activated by temperature – thermochromic solvent paints.

Features and Applications

The working temperature for such inks is from -10 to +700 C, while the effect is noticeable when the temperature changes in two directions. When the ink heats up, the image or lettering becomes almost transparent, and, conversely, becomes more distinct when the ink freezes. The image on the package can be activated by cold, heat, body temperature (when the buyer takes the packed product in his hand). The effect of thermochromic paint on flexible packaging is used by food manufacturers to:

  • indication on the package about the temperature. A thermometer printed on the package can tell the consumer what temperature the contents are (for example, it can tell you that baby food is cold and needs to be defrosted);
  • placing recommendations on the correct temperature of consumption and storage;
  • demonstration of the authenticity of the goods. A printed sign reactive to the temperature of the human palm will tell the buyer that he is purchasing a genuine product.


According to quantitative research by CTI inks for flexographic printing on flexible packaging, two out of three consumers when choosing between two similar brands will prefer a product packaged in film coated with thermochromic inks, and more than 70% admitted that they will return for him or advise friends and acquaintances. The use of such technology in packaging encourages the consumer to interact with the product, increasing brand loyalty, sales and awareness.

In addition, solvent thermochromic paints:

  • allow you to achieve more saturated colors in one layer;
  • speed up the production of packaging;
  • provide high quality printing and maximum durability;
  • provide low cost of printing;
  • attract the attention of the consumer.