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Packaging innovation

Modern packaging should not only fulfill protective functions and be bright in order to attract customers — it should be high-tech in order to make the consumer’s life more comfortable and safe. Packaging manufacturers are constantly looking for new forms, materials and solutions, using not only design achievements, but also the latest technological innovations.

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Functions and features of frozen food packaging

Frozen foods have gained popularity among consumers around the world due to their ease of preparation, long shelf life and low cost. Modern methods of freezing allow us to talk about the preservation of the beneficial properties of products. For example, during shock freezing, fruits lose only 20% of their original vitamins.

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Eco-friendly packaging

The issue of environmental friendliness of the packaging material used for storing and transporting food is a key issue on the agenda for solving environmental problems. Since almost all packaging ends up in city landfills, it is important to select materials that can be considered safe for both the consumer and the nature.

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Polypropylene film

Полипропиленовая плёнкаPolypropylene film is a polymer material that is produced using both blown extrusion and flat-slit extrusion. This material is a modern flexible packaging that has great prospects. Polypropylene film can be transparent, white matte or metallized, with or without printing. You can apply an individual image using different methods, including flexo printing and gravure printing.

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Smart packaging

Redundant packaging design is losing its relevance – consumers began to get tired of bright labels on the shelves when looking for simple products. The need for meaningless marketing pressures is being replaced by a tendency to improve existing products and create completely new ones that will be adapted to the modern worldview of the buyer.

Consequently, just the product is not needed by anyone. Each person has their own views and is looking for brands that correlate with them.

Below is a quick overview of what’s new in the packaging market.

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Packing functions

Consider the packaging functions, since they determine the appearance, properties, design features. There are three main functions: protective, informational and optimizing, which in turn include a lot of additional variations. Let’s take a closer look.

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