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Correx packaging

The main functions of packaging are to protect goods from external factors, including mechanical damage during transportation, as well as to attract the attention of potential consumers on store shelves. When it comes to the piece packaging of goods, manufacturers prefer corrections that perfectly fulfill this function. This packaging is a container made of PVC or PET (the second material is considered more environmentally friendly, but the production of PET braces is more expensive than PVC) with separate cells for each unit of goods.

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Blister packaging and its types

In most cases, when it is necessary to individually place a unit of production, manufacturers use a cellular structure of the package — a blister. Such packaging is a box or plate made of plastic with indentations that follow the shape of the product, and a backing made of foil or cardboard, on which advertising information can be applied. Such packaging can often be found when buying medicines, cosmetics, stationery and food.

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Flavored polyolefin films

The development of the packaging industry and the desire of manufacturers of goods to meet the requirements of safety, environmental friendliness, freshness of products leads to the development and use of new materials based on multilayer structures. For example, popular polyolefin films are made from copolymers of LDPE and polypropylene, and the material has heat shrink properties.

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Varieties and characteristics of bags for bread and pastries

Increased demands are placed on packaging materials for food. In addition to the fact that they should be inert to the product inside and prevent the formation of condensation, the development of pathogens and premature deterioration of the product, the packaging should attract the attention of the client and convey the main properties of the product.

As the directions of environmental friendliness and reasonable consumption are developing, this could not but affect the field of packaging — new materials and manufacturing technologies have appeared, the number of different types of packaging has increased, including for bread and baked goods. The most common now are paper, polypropylene and combined bags.

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Branded packages as a component of the company’s image

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of advertising and marketing for promoting a company in the market and attracting the attention of potential customers. Creative packaging designs, catchy slogans and various advertising methods are used in the struggle for buyers. One of the types of advertising solutions – packages with a brand logo, which draw attention to the manufacturer and the product, form recognition, and maintain a positive image of the company.

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Packaging design from neural networks, artificial intelligence

Modern society is trying to assign more and more tasks to machines and artificial intelligence. Including computer neural networks trying to imitate creative human processes – they create diverse logos and images based on the preferences of the customer.

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