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Defect control in the quality management system

It is difficult to track and control technological processes, especially within a large enterprise such as packaging production. Solving the problem and raising efficiency in, say, a printing shop can be entrusted to automated video surveillance systems. Installing high-speed video cameras in all major production areas and processing the information received from them allows you to control the integrity of the polymer web, print quality, or equipment failure situations.

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Marking “Honest sign” on the packaging of different groups of goods

In Russia, in 2019, in a pilot mode, and in 2020, on a mandatory basis for certain groups of goods, the Honest Sign consumer protection system against counterfeit products began to work. Its essence lies in applying a special Data Matrix code to the packaging, with the help of which the products are entered into a single database and tracked at all stages of movement to the consumer.
The «Honest Sign» system was developed in order to provide the buyer with all the necessary information about the product and protect him from buying counterfeit goods that can be harmful to health. Any person who finds himself in front of a store counter with a smartphone will be able to get data about the product of interest: date and place of manufacture, expiration date, description. The introduction of such a system can protect the market, the manufacturer and the end consumer from fraudsters.

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Water soluble packaging

Plastic packaging contributes significantly to environmental pollution. The current trend of recycling and reuse, as well as biodegradable materials, has pushed the solution to the environmental problem in a positive direction, but companies continue to look for a complete alternative to plastic containers and bags. One of these solutions has become a water-soluble packaging, which, after use, can be completely dissolved in hot water.

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Packaging design in the competitive struggle

Marketing research shows that more than 70% of shoppers decide which product will end up in their cart only while standing in the store, so it is difficult to overestimate the importance of packaging. Commercial packaging has long gone beyond its original function — to preserve the appearance and original characteristics of the product. It is a key brand tool for attracting attention, creating and consolidating its image among competitors.

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Sustainability of plastic packaging: myths and reality

With the popularization of concern for the environment and reasonable consumption, questions about the safety of materials created by human hands, in particular plastic packaging, have become relevant. Various sources convey conflicting information about products made of polymer materials: some consider them to be an absolute evil, others — a worthy alternative to eco-materials, provided that they are consumed wisely. How are things really?

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Correx packaging

The main functions of packaging are to protect goods from external factors, including mechanical damage during transportation, as well as to attract the attention of potential consumers on store shelves. When it comes to the piece packaging of goods, manufacturers prefer corrections that perfectly fulfill this function. This packaging is a container made of PVC or PET (the second material is considered more environmentally friendly, but the production of PET braces is more expensive than PVC) with separate cells for each unit of goods.

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