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Polypropylene film

Polypropylene film is a polymer material that is produced using both blown extrusion and flat-slit extrusion. This material is a modern flexible packaging that has great prospects. Polypropylene film can be transparent, white matte or metallized, with or without printing. You can apply an individual image using different methods, including flexo printing and gravure printing.

Полипропиленовая плёнка

Selling packaging

To begin with, the consumer’s attention is relational and limited, and certainly worth something! Research has proven that any package has only 2-3 seconds to get a chance to catch the consumer’s attention. In such a short period of time, the buyer can recognize the brand, see the shape of the packaging, remember the advertisement and decide whether this product is interesting to him. “Selling” will be called exactly the package that has successfully attracted the attention of the buyer.

Smart packaging

Redundant packaging design is losing its relevance – consumers began to get tired of bright labels on the shelves when looking for simple products. The need for meaningless marketing pressures is being replaced by a tendency to improve existing products and create completely new ones that will be adapted to the modern worldview of the buyer.

Consequently, just the product is not needed by anyone. Each person has their own views and is looking for brands that correlate with them.

Below is a quick overview of what’s new in the packaging market.

Packing functions

Consider the packaging functions, since they determine the appearance, properties, design features. There are three main functions: protective, informational and optimizing, which in turn include a lot of additional variations. Let’s take a closer look.


Flow-pack packaging is a sealed bag, which, in turn, has three seams: two transverse and one longitudinal. Using this technology, you can easily produce packaging of piece goods of various shapes. This packaging ensures the safety and excellent tightness of the product. In addition, it gives the product a beautiful appearance.

Safe packages

The safe-bag is made of three-layer opaque polyethylene, and it is dark inside and light outside. The dark side hides what is inside the package, and any information is applied to the light side: a barcode, an individual number, and more. Also, this material perfectly protects against moisture, dust and various contaminants.