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Packaging design from neural networks, artificial intelligence

Modern society is trying to assign more and more tasks to machines and artificial intelligence. Including computer neural networks trying to imitate creative human processes – they create diverse logos and images based on the preferences of the customer.

How it works?

Computer neural networks are similar to the human brain. They contain separate clusters – neurons that form a common system. Neural networks are capable of learning using a special algorithm. It allows you to analyze large amounts of information (about sales, customer preferences or a popular color, font, etc.) and change its state based on the data received. It is thanks to this property that neural networks can perform creative tasks, collecting and analyzing a database of images and other parameters, and issue a number of their own solutions.
Modern developments are programs that the customer uses to create designs, including packaging for various goods. Based on the target tasks, for example, to attract attention or convey to the consumer the main properties of the product, the characteristics of the audience, the price segment, as well as the customer’s preferences, which are determined by choosing from an existing database, the neural network generates a number of design solutions that are different from each other.

Benefits of neural networks in packaging design

Artificial intelligence is constantly being improved, but it is not yet perfect, so the result of its work may turn out to be both ideal and absolutely useless, requiring further elaboration by the designer. Creative neural networks are the technology of the future, but their packaging design benefits are already evident:

  • Saving money and time. A design project, on which whole departments are working, giving out only 5-10 options to choose from, will be made by one neural network in a matter of minutes.
  • Target orientation. Neural networks analyze large amounts of data. The larger the training base, the higher the quality of the result. The human factor is excluded.
  • Variability. The result of the work of already existing neural networks for design is thousands of options, among which the client can choose a combination of graphics, color, font, logo.

The NTL Packaging company will help to realize the packaging design by printing on films. We have modern technical equipment and methods of creating packaging that meets the highest quality standards.