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Safe packages

The safe-bag is made of three-layer opaque polyethylene, and it is dark inside and light outside. The dark side hides what is inside the package, and any information is applied to the light side: a barcode, an individual number, and more. Also, this material perfectly protects against moisture, dust and various contaminants.

Packaging features

The main feature of the safe-package is multi-level protection, which is peculiar only to this type of packaging. For example, to warn that there was an unauthorized attempt to open the safe-package there is an indicator tape on which, when the package is opened, an inscription appears that will not disappear even if you try to seal the package again.

Also, if the package is affected in any way by temperature – high or low, this will instantly be reflected on the control tape.

Speaking of safe bags, it is necessary to mention the seams, which also have their own characteristics: the side and top seams are double-welded, and the bottom edge has no seams at all, in order to exclude mechanical damage or, for example, undercutting. There is also small text along the seams, which inevitably deforms if you try to open the bag.

Scope of application

This packaging has found its application in a variety of areas:

  • banking organizations
  • online stores
  • courier services
  • state institutions
  • advertising and trading companies
  • medical institutions
  • logistics companies

The safe package is successfully used to transfer private letters, money and securities in everyday life.

The difference between courier packages and safe packages

Outwardly, these two types of packaging are very similar and the principle of operation is approximately the same. So, the courier package has a self-adhesive tape and is closed through the fold of the edge. After the protective strip is removed, it folds over and the adhesive side sticks to the surface.

But the safe package essentially works the same way as a courier package: it is the same plastic packaging with an adhesive layer, but only in the safe packages there are security elements that courier packages do not have.

And we are talking not only about the indicator tape, which was mentioned above, but also about the thermal indicator layer, which is integrated into the adhesive layer. Also includes watermarks and micro fonts.

It is also necessary to mention the high level of tightness: packaging that is sealed will not allow liquid and air to pass through.

NTL Packing company has a wealth of experience and, at the request of customers, will make safe-bags according to the terms of reference. We also have a staff of highly qualified designers who will help you create your own unique packaging, and then we will print the batch you need in our production.