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Tactile packaging: introducing multisensory elements

As the latest research by marketers show, a potential buyer perceives a product with the help of all senses: approximately 80% of perception is accounted for by sight, another 15% by hearing, 3% by touch, 1% by smell and taste. Since any product in the modern world is placed in packaging for sale, new methods of neuromarketing are emerging. They influence the psychology of the buyer and create an invisible thread between the seller and the final consumer.

Multisensory marketing in tactile packaging

To attract attention, it is no longer enough to simply place a product in a colorful package. On its surface, sensory elements are used, which, when in contact with human skin, cause certain tactile sensations due to a combination of softness and relief. One of the types of such elements are packaging areas that imitate various natural surfaces in accordance with the concept of the product. For example, in the cellulose market, it is popular to coat part or all of the surface of a packaging material with paper touch formulations. To create and strengthen the image of a premium product, manufacturers use the soft touch effect. He “informs” the client about the exclusive softness of the product. Thanks to modern technologies, they imitate almost any surface, from leather to textiles.
Another area of ​​tactile packaging branding is materials that change their temperature under certain factors.
In Russia, the packaging industry is developing at a slower pace. However, a number of companies, including NTL Upakovka, have sufficient technological resources and capacities to produce modern “smart” packaging.

Main goals

The innovative technology of multisensor elements solves a number of important problems for manufacturers. The main one is to draw the consumer’s attention to the product. Providing a first positive impression, such packaging inclines to buying a product, conveys important product characteristics and forms a sensory contact between the manufacturer and the buyer. In addition, due to the fact that while the production of tactile packaging is a single, and not a mass solution, multisensory elements protect the brand from counterfeiting and thereby strengthen the company’s position in the market.