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Doy-pack packing

This is a special form of flexible vacuum packaging. When filled, the packaging takes on a triangular shape.

After the bottom fold is straightened, a bottom is formed, which allows the product to take a stable position on any horizontal surface.

Benefits for the manufacturer

  • Available in a large assortment. Sizes can be very different, shape – up to curly.
  • Bright and informative. The seal is applied to the entire surface. This means that the bag will be not only attractive, but also with all the necessary data.
  • Ergonomic. Convenient for transportation.
  • It is made of laminate, which is a combination of lavsan and polyethylene of different thickness. There may be two, three or four layers. Aluminum foil is sometimes placed on the third. The product turns out to be much stronger than the usual one. This modification is suitable if special conservation requirements are imposed.
  • Allows sterilization of the product placed inside. This significantly increases the shelf life.
  • Waterproof. Not damaged by UV rays. Retains odor. As a result, the original properties of what is inside do not change.
  • Significantly cheaper than most other types.

Benefits for the customer

  • Lightweight.
  • Convenient. For example, ketchup is much easier to squeeze out of it (or “milk”, hence the name) than to spoon into a glass jar.
  • The presence of a zip-lock (string lock) or a fitting (a plastic tube with a thread and a screw cap) allows you to spend in metered doses, and not necessarily all at once.
  • When squeezed or pinched, it does not break. It will lie quietly at the bottom of a bag or cart, and there is no need to worry about anything, after all, it is strong enough, nothing will spill.
  • Stable. And if it falls, it’s okay.
  • Heating, both in boiling water and in the microwave, is painless. If necessary, what is inside can be heated or boiled.