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Varieties and characteristics of bags for bread and pastries

Increased demands are placed on packaging materials for food. In addition to the fact that they should be inert to the product inside and prevent the formation of condensation, the development of pathogens and premature deterioration of the product, the packaging should attract the attention of the client and convey the main properties of the product.

As the directions of environmental friendliness and reasonable consumption are developing, this could not but affect the field of packaging — new materials and manufacturing technologies have appeared, the number of different types of packaging has increased, including for bread and baked goods. The most common now are paper, polypropylene and combined bags.

Paper bags

Conventionally, a paper bag is considered the most environmentally friendly option. They are made from natural cellulose or kraft paper. Such packaging is resistant to oils, fats and increased moisture, preserves the consumer qualities of the product. Consumers associate paper bags with naturalness, but such packaging is more expensive for the manufacturer and does not withstand long-term transportation. Therefore, it is used mainly in small bakeries, supermarket departments with their own bakery products. In addition, pulp and paper production has a strong ecological footprint.

Polypropylene bags

This is a transparent packaging for bread and bakery products, which reliably «seals» bread products, does not allow moisture to pass through, prevents the growth of microorganisms, but at the same time the presence of perforation allows the product to «breathe» and retain its original qualities for a long time. Polypropylene bags are cheaper than their paper counterparts; they can be used directly on the production line, sealed with clips or adhesive tape (wicket bags).

Combined packaging

It combines the properties of other types — the attractiveness of paper, transparency and strength of polypropylene packaging. These are paper bags with an insert-window made of polypropylene, through which the products are visible, the buyer can appreciate the appearance, quality and freshness of the goods.

All types of packaging can be printed with logos and advertising information. You can make packages of any shape, size and design. NTL Packaging offers modern solutions for the production of bags for bakery products from polymer film for manual, semi-automatic and high-speed packaging with all the possibilities of flexo printing in HD Flexo standard.